Refunds & Exchanges

Full refunds are available under the following conditions within 30 days of the delivery date of your order:

  • Items clearly damaged pre-transit with photograph evidence of the damage
  • Orders that were cancelled before the order is processed and shipped
  • Items that go unfulfilled for longer than 30 days after initial order

Exchanges are available under the following conditions within 30 days of the delivery date of your order:

  • You received the wrong item in your order
  • Your order was damaged during shipping (photographic evidence of damage is required)
  • You made a mistake with your order

Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges are NOT available for the following:

  • Item arrives later than expected
  • Orders cancelled after the order was already processed and shipped
  • Any customized orders that may be done through BobaStore
  • Lost or stolen packages (contact us for other options)
  • Items that have normal wear and tear from daily or intended use
  • Items that are damaged from irresponsible handling from the customer
  • Dissatisfaction with order due to anything that has not been covered elsewhere in this section

If you receive your order and an item is missing, please contact us immediately with your order information.

Shipping costs for returns and exchanges will be the responsibility of the customer. If an exchange is due to a mistake on your behalf and the item ordered is priced different from the item desired, you may accrue an additional charge or be creditted the remainder.

We reserve the right to refuse any Refund, Return, or Exchange request.

Changes & Cancellations

Any changes or cancellations to an order MUST occur before the order is processed and shipped. This includes, but is not limited to, change of address/destination and items added or removed from your order. Once the order has been shipped, no changes or cancellations can be made or accepted.

If there is an urgent issue relating to an order that has already been processed and shipped, contact us immediately.


All orders will be shipped out within 3-5 business days after payment has been processed, unless otherwise stated on listing (i.e. pre-order items). You will receive an email with shipping information when your order has been shipped. We ship everything from Massachusetts, U.S.A. through USPS. Shipping upgrades are available during checkout.


  • Your order should arrive no later than 14 business days after your shipping confirmation goes through. While BobaBoard has no control over the order once shipped, you may contact us if an order hasn't arrived after this time frame and we will attempt to help find the package.
  • All orders will come with a tracking number. Costs of shipping are dictated by USPS based on the current postal rates. Orders may include additional charge for handling.


  • Your order should arrive within 3 months after shipping confirmation. Depending on your location, it may take far less or far more time. If your order doesn't arrive within 6 months of ship date, you may contact us and we will attempt to help find the package.
  • Not all couriers offer tracking for international shipping. We can not guarantee a tracking number for your order, but will include one in your shipping notification if the courier provides one.
  • Due to the nature and costs of international shipping, we can not replace any lost or stolen packages.
  • There may be additional import charges or taxes by your courier or country (i.e. the infamous VAT). Make sure you're aware and prepared for any charges like this. SEE: REFUNDS & EXCHANGES for our policy on lost or stolen packages.


Unless otherwise stated, all orders through BobaStore require payment in full up front. Orders will not ship out until payment is fully processed and approved. BobaStore utilizes Stripe for payment processing. Stripe allows for a broad amount of payment methods, but does not currently support Paypal Checkout. You can view what payment methods we accept as well as Stripe's Terms, Conditions, and Privacy here:

For customers in the U.S.: The state you have your order shipped to may have additional sales tax that will be calculated and collected at checkout.

For international customers: The region you have your order shipped to may have additional sales and import charges and taxes. Most of this should be calculated and collected at checkout, but we can not guarantee that we will be able to collect all the costs on your behalf. Please make sure you're aware of your region's import requirements before purchasing to avoid unexpected fees from your courier, customs, or whomever else is applicable. SEE: SHIPPING for additional charges and fees that may accrue from shipping.

Discounts & Promotions

On occasion, BobaStore may provide Promotional Codes and Special Offers through the store front. Unless otherwise stated, Promotional codes and Special Offers are only applicable to specified listings on BobaStore and the Discounts and Promotions do not apply to any shipping, taxes, or other non-listing charges.

Each Discount, Promotional Code or Event, and Special Offer will have its own Terms and Conditions detailing information like what they can be applied to and how long the offers are valid for. Once the offer has expired, it will no longer be honored.

Other Conditions

No item in BobaStore is currently available for resale. By purchasing from BobaStore, you agree to not restock your purchase on a different storefront, be it digital or physical, with the intention of resale.